15 USD per hour



15 USD per hour




20 USD per hour



 15 USD per hour

How to reserve classes?


First you need to mail us and let us know the following:

-For sure, what is your name and your age?

-Where are you from? Our teaching methods can vary depending on your mother tongue.

-When do you want to start your classes and at what time? We will let you know if your preferred date / time is available.

-What type of classes do you want? We need to tailor our teaching in accordance with your specific need.

-After you recieve your confirmation email from us, your place will be reserved for two days in which time you will need to make the payment or lose the booking.


How to pay classes?


After we send you the confirmation email you will have two days to pay: You can use Paypal or a bank transfer. We will provide you with our account number and sort code in the confirmation mail.



How to cancel a class?


If you've already made a payment but something happens and you can't take your class, if you email us at least 24hrs before your class and we will reschedule it.