For those who know some words or grammar in spanish and for those who know absolutly no spanish whatsoever. These type of classes are based on general topics, for general purposes. We start on what on what you have and help you to reach the level you want. You will practice your reading, listening, writing and speaking.




For those of you who want to speak the basics ; greetting, asking for information,buying things or just making friends. These type of classes help you to improve your speaking skill, and sound more natural when you are talking.You will learn vocabulary and pragmatic issues that are important to know when visiting every hispanic country.We focus on writing, listening, reading and speaking.



For those who already know the basic and just want to improve your speaking . These classes will help you to develop your fluency in spanish. We focus on your oral expression, your pronunciation, entonation and idioms. You will not learn grammar but if you make mistakes we will tell you.



SPANISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES (for nurses, doctors,social workers,police officers, business,etc.)


This course is designed for those of you that need a specialized vocabulary. With this type of class you  should already know the basics of Spanish language. Building off your existing knowledge, we will help you take your Spanish to the next level and increase the range of your vocabulary. You will read articles,listen to audio, watch videos, write essays and speak about topics related to your profession.